What is Green
Real Estate?


Green is not an end point, but a process. It means many things to people, whether it is energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, reduced environmental impacts, or living close to your work. When it comes to a home, green can include a number of considerations such as energy efficiency, sustainable materials, central location, and reduced environmental health impacts. Benefits of green real estate properties include reducing greenhouse gases outputs and impacts, reducing the cost of operating and maintaining a home, and improving the comfort of a home and quality of life for yourselves and your children. In our increasingly connected world, our sustainability choices can reduce impacts on our neighbourhood, city and world. Whatever green means to you, Roger will work with you to understand your green interests, and how they can best be integrated with your real estate goals. Whether you are buying or selling a home, it makes sense to think about sustainability. It's not just environmentalists who are interested in green home options. Working with an agent that understands energy and sustainability will add value in your search and sale.


Roger is a professional REALTOR® and takes seriously the responsibilities intrinsic to this designation, which demands high ethical and professional standards of service to clients and strong personal integrity.

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Roger works with Right at Home Realty, a company that attracts real estate professionals who are forward thinking and learning based.

Leed AP

He has been a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional since 2006.